Texelsvilt maakt vilt makes felt using wool from sheep that live on Texel. Especially the wool from the Witte, Bonte and Blue Texel, Dassekop and Zwartbles is used. This wool is not suitable for felting, but combined with other types of wool there are beautiful possibilities. For example, for fur felting, house blankets and pillows.
Workshops are also given here.

Texel felt involves the wool from Texel sheep farmers and shearers.
The felt is made by rubbing virtually untreated wool (the shorn coat is carded and sometimes washed beforehand) with water and olive soap. Sometimes there are traces of the Texel flora in the coat behind.
The wool coat can also be felted so that it resembles a skin with fur, animal-friendly and sustainable because you do not have to deal with polluting, chemical processes such as the tanning a skin. A felted coat is machine washable on a wool wash program.

Interior felt

We make blankets, coats, tapestries, cushions, shawls, hammocks (= cover for horse saddle) and more. Ask for the possibilities.

Coats and blankets

From a shorn sheepskin is made a felted rug that resembles a tanned skin with fur.
With soap and water a wool layer is felted on the shorn coat, creating a kind of 'vegetarian' skin.
It is an animal & amp; environmentally friendly sustainable product, beautiful and wonderfully warm. There is a choice of different unique coats, all from Texel soil.
The prices of the rugs and coats depend on the m² and on the type of fur.

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